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Outdoor i is the number one source of news and information keeping you up to date with what is happening in the outdoor industry. We offer an unbiased view based on fact, not rumour or speculation.

Outdoor i is the fast and efficient way for senior management to keep up to date with what's going on in our global market. We publish, in a clear and uncluttered format, all the news that's important to you.

Outdoor i understand that facts and figures are important and spends time verifying them.

Outdoor i offers independent news and information. We rarely report on new products, we prefer to leave this to trade magazines which are better placed to carry photographs. We do not replicate press releases nor are we supported or ruled by advertisements.

Published a minimum of 25 times per annum each issue includes:

  • Up to the minute concise news involving company/brand acquisitions and mergers, financial reports and analysis, company marketing strategies, appointments and personnel changes
  • Analysis, observation and comment on all aspects of the outdoor trade
  • Surveys and statistical analysis that offer hard, accurate data from both trade and retail perspective.

Outdoor i has two sides to it. It is a business and, like any other, has to function as one. It is also an institution in that it reflects and influences the community to which it serves. It hopefully educates, stimulates and assists and therefore has a moral as well as a material existence.

We value our reputation for independence and integrity and pride ourselves on accurate reportingas its character and influence are the cornerstones of its success and growth.

However, our most important commodity is trust.

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